“I went to the public restroom and passed a guy I had met a day earlier,” said the cannibal.


No need to feel sympathy
for the future of those yet to be:
we are the heirs of our own damnations,
we are the future generations.

two away…


It takes but two to turn the tide,
to tip the cauldron deep inside,
to tilt the poles ’til they collide
to set the gains of man aside.

just two away, two bursts of light,
two deep regrets that end their flight
in sudden dawn and lasting night,
a fleeting thought to all in sight.

no shield prevails, no walls abstain,
no shelter from the inner rain,
no switch untouched, no lines remain,
no time to lose, no souls to gain.

it takes but two, no less, no more:
it comes from deep within the core,
the wave that knows no cliff or shore,
rising from the valley floor.

It takes but two to end the age.

Think twice upon the wars you wage.


Strive to be more, but not more than.

Growing up is hard.

PEZ small


Beware the debt disguised as gift.    — John Caelan

Last Meal



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